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Chest of Drawers

Our Birch Plywood Chests with Drawers are perfect for storage in any room of your home or office, or even in your garage or shed.

Our chest of drawers can be waxed, oiled, stained or painted to suit your needs.

We have 2 sizes on offer.

Size: A1 with 6 Drawers
    •    Width: 310 mm
    •    Depth: 200 mm
    •    Height: 280 mm
    •    Price: £6.00
Size: A2 with 6 drawers
    •    Width: 440 mm
    •    Depth: 200 mm
    •    Height: 280 mm
    •    Price: £7.00

Interested in buying? Contact us by phone on 01362 687 240 or email us at mcleod@mcleodfarms.co.uk. You can also fill out an enquiry form available on our contact page.


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